Augmented Reality System for Visually Impaired People based on FPGA

F.J. Toledo, J.J. Martínez, F.J. Garrigós, and J.M. Ferrández (Spain)


Field Programmable Gate Array, Augmented Reality, Low Vision, Canny algorithm


Augmented reality (AR) is a new form of interaction bet ween humans and technology in which the user's percep tion of the world is enhanced with computer generated information. In this work, we propose a novel FPGA based approach to augmented reality. Modern FPGAs have reached such a performance and flexibility level that are be coming a competitive alternative to ASICs and general pur pose processors, traditional solutions on AR applications. The proposed application is focused on visually im paired people aid, enhancing their knowledge of the envi ronment with useful information extracted by image pro cessing. In order to achieve the high performance require ments of the application, an efficient hardware implemen tation of the Canny algorithm has been developed, enabling large size image processing in real time.

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