Image Registration and Mosaicing of Acoustic Camera Images

K. Kim, N. Intrator, and N. Neretti (USA)


image registration, image mosaicing, acoustic camera, DIDSON


This paper presents an algorithm for image registration and mosaicing on underwater sonar image sequences character ized by a high noise level, inhomogeneous illumination and low frame rate. Imaging geometry of acoustic cameras is significantly different from that of pinhole cameras. For a planar surface viewed through a pinhole camera undergo ing translational and rotational motion, registration can be obtained via a projective transformation. We show that, un der the same condition, an affine transformation is a good approximation for an acoustic camera. We further propose a novel image fusion method, which maximizes the signal to-noise ratio of the mosaic image. The full procedure in cludes illumination correction, feature based transforma tion estimation, and image fusion for mosaicing.

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