3D Environment Generation for the VirtualRobot Simulator based on 2D Digital Images

W. Roque, J. Bragagnolo (Brazil), M. Mellado, and E. Vendrell (Spain)


Robotic Simulator, Image Processing, Visualization.


The VirtualRobot (VRS) is a 3D graphical robot simula tor. In this simulator the construction of 3D environments are based on either a graphical editor or on a script file us ing a set of primitives and their compositions, which are loaded and visualized by the VRS. This procedure is time consuming and requires a good acquaintance with the set of predefined primitives and their parameters. In this paper we present the automatic generation of 3D environments composed of polyhedral objects that are constructed based on the two-and-a-half-D extension of 2D digital images of generalized polygonal objects and discs. In addition, this process also recognizes the 2D configuration of a circular robot and consistently introduces the robot model into the 3D environment.

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