Visualization of Elastic Body Dynamics for Automotive Engine Simulations

Z. Konyha, J. Jurić, K. Matković, and J. Krasser (Austria)


Applications, engine dynamics, interactive visualization, iconic visualization, automotive industry


Simulation of engine dynamics is a well established field of work in the automotive industry. We have worked closely with one of the companies developing industry-leading software for dynamic simulation of cranktrains to improve the model creation in their product. We have extended the modeler with a 3D preview of the engine which enables users to view a more direct representation of the design, thereby improving the pace and efficiency of their work. The data sets resulting from the simulation are vast. Pre viously, analysis could only be performed using 2D charts only. As a result of our co-operation it is now possible to inspect the simulation results in an interactive 3D visual ization envionment.

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