Improving QIM Watermark with Soft Decision FEC

Y. Zhao, W. Yang, and Y. Zhao (PRC)


Digital watermarking, soft decision, quantization index modulation (QIM), dither modulation (DM)


Digital watermarking technology is one of means of copyright protection. Robustness of a digital watermarking system is a necessary condition for protecting digital works' copyrights. In this paper, a soft detection algorithm for QIM image watermarking scheme is proposed. In the scheme, watermark information is encoded by error correcting codes firstly and then is embedded into the original image both in the spatial domain and in the DCT domain. During watermark detection, soft-decision Viterbi decoder is used to improve the robustness of watermarking system. Experimental results indicate that Bit Error Rate (BER) of soft-decision detection is lower than that of hard-decision detection1 .

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