Interactive Synthesis of Constrained Motion from Example Movements

J. Semančík, J. Pelikán, and J. Žára (Czech Republic)


human figure animation, motion library, multidimensional interpolation, motion capture, motion blending


We present a technique for interactive synthesis of a con tinuous human motion specified by given constraints (e.g. footprints positions) using a library of example movements. The library contains basic movements (e.g step, jump, kick) obtained by motion capture. Several variations of each movement are captured for different parameter values (e.g. steps of various lengths and heights). Then the movements for any parameter values resulting from the constraints are created as a multidimensional scattered interpolation of ex amples in parameter space. Smooth transitions between successive interpolated movements are performed to yield a seamless continuous motion. The method is very flexi ble and it runs in extremely high performance appropriate for time-critical interactive applications like video-games. We demonstrate it on a human walking with variable step length by our implementation.

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