Labanotation-based Motion Editing for Animated Human Character

Y. Yasumuro, S. Nakate, M. Imura, Y. Manabe, and K. Chihara (Japan)


Labanotation, human figure animation, motion nota tion, user interface


This paper proposes an intuitive method to create and edit human motion in computer graphics (CG) by means of introducing Labanotation as a intermedi ate description of the body motion. Labanotation is a systematic description for human motion in dancing and is capable of recording detailed motion of whole and each part of the body with symbols as musical score is. We propose a framework to construct word sets to refer Labanotation in order to express human motion so that the user can create the CG human mo tion by selecting and combining limited commands, instead of taking time to adjust number of joint angle values. This paper shows the data structure for de scribing the human motion divided into motion units and the scheme for mapping the motion units onto modified or extended Labanotation symbols.

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