In Vivo 3D Automatic Identification of Constitutive Parameters for Living Soft Tissue based on Exclusive Measuring System of Multi-Axial p-δ Curves

T. Tsuta, T. Iwamoto, and T. Fujimura (Japan)


In vivo skin constitutive model, Sensing of multiaxial P curve, Analogy to FEM computer model, Forehead skin, Wire-driven remote loading hardware system, Motion control system, Least square identif


An automatic loading and sensing system for obtaining in vivo multi-axial Pi-i (i-1,2,...,) curves in facial skin of living human has been developed. Once the Pi-i curves are obtained through a series of experiment for respective directions (x-x, y-y, x-y,...,), then the constitutive parameters are identified by the least square approach, using the analogy with the FEM computer model, so that the gap between the experimental Pi-i curves and the FEM Pi-i curves can be minimized in respective i-th directions by improving the physical parameters. Application to the forehead skins in actual humans aged 22 years and 54 years has been done, and the relations between identified constitutive parameters and the characteristics of the facial expression are studied. It is clarified that earlier wrinkling in older men is mainly induced by the change in constitutive parameters.

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