Constructing a Detailed Finite Element Brain Model for Neurosurgery Simulation based on a Brain Atlas

C. Gao, F.E.H. Tay, and W.L. Nowinski (Singapore)


Modelling, surgery simulation, brain atlas


Many modern neurosurgery simulation systems require a detailed finite element model incorporated with knowledge of mechanical properties of very soft tissue. We have constructed a finite element brain model with detailed anatomy based on brain atlas. A non-linear hyper-viscoelastic mechanical model based on the generalization of Ogden strain energy hyperelastic constitutive equation is proposed. This model accounts well for brain tissue deformation behaviour typically for the deformation during neurosurgical procedures. It is able to simulate the deformation for both the whole brain and sub-cortical structures. It can be applied in large scale finite element simulations and therefore offers the possibility of developing bio-mechanically accepted detailed surgical planning and training systems.

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