Extracting Structural Fragments from Images Showing Overlapping Pedestrians

L. Havasi, C. Benedek, Z. Szlávik, and T. Szirányi (Hungary)


Motion analysis, symmetry tracking, structure of fragments, gait detection, image morphology


This paper outlines and demonstrates a new algorithm which is capable of extracting characteristic fragments of the body outline of human figures from video image sequences, even in the non-ideal case of typical outdoor illumination conditions and camera positions. Our method can derive relevant information regarding the significant body elements from video sequences showing walking people, without the necessity for imposing severe or unusual constraints with regard to the input images. The proposed algorithm connects featured parts in the image into symmetrical objects, tracks them, and generates derived spatio-temporal statistical features which are used to ensure stable tracking results. Our method is fast enough for use in real-time. Using the grouped dual-point approach outlined here, we can extract biometric information suitable for subsequent analysis of the walking-gait characteristics, even in the case of overlapping and transient image outlines.

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