Shape-based Interpolation for 3D Vessel Construction of Perforator Flaps

J. Gao and Q. Wen (USA)


Shape-based interpolation, 3D tree, perforator flaps


The study of 3D vascular structure of different perforator flaps with respect to age, gender, nutrient artery, and anatomic locations will provide surgeons insight information during preoperative planning, such as the dissection range, vascular territory, and fascia levels, which will achieve greater survivability and a decrease in donor site morbidity. Toward this goal, we will present a shape-based interpolation approach for 3D vascular tree construction. An initial segmentation, Spedge-and-Medge, is carried out to obtain the coarse 3D tree structure. To find the best candidate for broken/unconnected tree branches, an adaptive cost function based on the geometry and image intensity is developed. Finally to repair any two broken branches, a shape-based linear interpolation method is proposed. The proposed method has been tested on 7 cadavers with the number of 39 flaps.

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