Remotely Sensing Satellite Image Merging and Enhancement Processing

Y.A. Alsultanny (Jordan)


Satellite image, image enhancement, Image merging, Image rectification.


The remotely sensing satellite images, which are used in land use are merged with survey map of 1/10000 scale, the necessary preprocessing techniques such as image reflection, image restoration and control points assignment are implemented and tested before merging with the survey maps. The image preprocessing such as, image rectification (spatial and intensity interpolation), image rotation and control points assignment are applied before the image merging. The image merging applied by using image composition where the satellite image represented the background and the survey map represented the foreground after conversion it to the contour map. The second type of the image merging is the image enhancement by merging two images, one is the colored image with low resolution and another is panchromatic image with high resolution to get colored image with high resolution with minimum cost. The merging techniques can be applied successfully in image merging as well as to the images of two or more bands.

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