Representing Temporal Constraints in PPDL

A. Milani, S. Suriani, and V. Poggioni (Italy)


automated planning, temporal goals, domain compilation


This work present a portable technique for solving temporal network planning problems by compilation into equivalent standard classical planning problem domains. A temporal network planning problem specifies goals and initial knowledge in term of constraints among states, actions and events. Recent and performant automated planning systems have adopted the planning domain language PDDL which has became a de-facto standard for benchmark comparisons, unfortunately most of these planners have no capabilities of managing the temporal goals which arise in most real world situations. The presented technique temporal network planning is planner independent, portable and allow to exploit existing classical planners, such as PDDL compliant planners, in order to solve temporal planning problems. The technique is proved to be correct and has been implemented in TNC a temporal network compiler system based on PDDL, which have been experimented on several current planners.

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