Two Level Adaptive Evolutionary Computation

T. Dyduch and E. Dudek-Dyduch (Poland)


Genetic algorithms, planning and scheduling, evolutionary computation, optimization, decomposition.


The aim of the paper is two-fold. Firstly, it is to present in more details a special type of adaptive evolutionary method, named Two-Level Adaptive Evolutionary Computation (TLAEC), proposed by co-author in [3]. The method consists in combination of evolutionary computation with deterministic optimization algorithms in a hierarchy system. Novelty of the method consists also in a new type of adaptation mechanism. Post optimal analysis of the lower level optimization task is utilized in order to modify probability distribution for new genotype generations. The second aim of the paper is to present an algorithm based on TLAEC method, solving difficult optimization problem. A mathematical model of this problem assumes the form of mixed discrete-continuous programming. A concept of the algorithm is described in the paper and the proposed, new adaptation mechanism that is introduced in the algorithm is described in detail. The results of computation experiments as well as their analysis are also given.

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