A Hyperbolic Topographic Mapping for Proximity Data

A. Saalbach, T. Twellmann, T.W. Nattkemper, A. Wismüller, J. Ontrup, and H. Ritter (Germany)


Hyperbolic Topographic Mapping, Distortion Oriented Presentation Techniques, Proximity Data, Earth Movers's Distance.


In this paper a hyperbolic variant of the Topographic Map ping of Proximity Data (HTMP) is proposed. HTMP is based on a tessellation of the hyperbolic plane (IH2 ) with equilateral triangles. In addition to promising options for data clustering and visualization, HTMP provides a conve nient interface for the exploration of large data collections. It combines advantages of other recently proposed methods whose development has been stimulated by the extraordi nary characteristics of spaces with non-euclidian geometry. The method is applied to data from dynamic contrast enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI). It is demonstrated how HTMP can be used to visualize data similarities based on the Earth Mover's Distance.

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