Fuzzy Logic Application to Brackish Feedwater Pre-Treatment of Reverse Osmosis Desalation Plants

J. Plüss, A. Menéndez, E. Yaglián, A. Menéndez Fernández, F. Marcelo, J. Romero (Spain), J.L. Simón, A.Hernández


Engineering, water industry, reverse osmosis, and fuzzylogic.


The expression "water industry" receives more importance every day, and development of this industry from reverse osmosis desalation plants (RODP), acquires a relevant role in the area of water production. Admitting that reverse osmosis membranes or crossflow membranes represent up to 45 % of the cost of a RODP, there are obvious significances of a premature fouling diagnosis and the maintenance of these devices. In this context, efficient brackish feedwater pre-treatment is essential in order to optimize the yield of RODP. Synthetically, pre-treatment reduces potential crossflow membrane fouling, eliminating organic and inorganic particles by means of previous stages of filtration, chemical additives modules and other procedures. Nevertheless, physical and chemical alterations that can suffer brackish feedwater composition and crossflow membranes behaviour of RODP, are interpreted as a vague complex system from the point of view of a decision making process. So, in this work, we propose approximate reasoning utilization associated with fuzzy logic, as an alternative to approaching crossflow membrane fouling problems and to make possible early corrective actions. This technology is applied on resultant tendency of readings provided by habitual instrumentation of the RODP, which need storage procedures of sensor measurements.

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