A Framework of Task-based Service Selection Support for Mobile Internet and Ubiquitous Networks

S. Kurakake and T. Naganuma (Japan)


Intelligent information system, mobile task ontology, service selection, mobile internet and ubiquitous networks


This paper proposes a framework of an intelligent system that assists mobile users to find and select appropriate services from the huge number of choices available. A key idea is to associate a service with the concept of a task that the mobile user is performing. Knowledge about mobile user's tasks are structured and stored in task ontology, and the URI of a service is associated with a relevant task in the task ontology. Our framework is based on this task knowledge, and consists of three processes: understanding the user's problem, mapping the problem to relevant services, and presenting selected services information. The requirements for each process are discussed from the view points specific to mobile users. System components of our framework are presented and the features of each system component are described.

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