A Task Oriented Approach to Service Retrieval in Mobile Computing Environment

T. Naganuma and S. Kurakake (Japan)


Intelligent Information System, Knowledge-based System, Knowledge Representation, Service Retrieval, and Mobile Computing.


The pace at which mobile Internet services are being de veloped is remarkable; however, the retrieval of proper services from among the many offered requires profound knowledge about the services. We propose a system that supports non-expert mobile users in retrieving the proper services; a key component is a task knowledge base that contains knowledge about tasks that a mobile user per forms in daily life and that can work in conjunction with knowledge about service usage to accomplish the user's current task. We present the architecture of the proposed system including knowledge description framework, the design of a prototype system and preliminary user test results. The test results indicate that our system imposes fewer loads on a user when retrieving proper services than conventional methods.

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