Introducing an Embodied Virtual Presenter Agent in a Virtual Meeting Room

A. Nijholt, H. van Welbergen, and J. Zwiers (The Netherlands)


Virtual reality, multimedia presentation, embodied agents.


In this paper we survey our research on modeling presentations in virtual environments. This research is performed in several of our research projects, in particular the European FP6 AMI (Augmented Multi-party Interaction) project. This project is about capturing and modeling of meetings. One of our aims in the project is to have real-time transformation of events during a meeting hence, including presentations to similar events in a virtual meeting room. Another aim is to model presenters and presentation making in order to make it possible to have remote presenters, anytime presenters, and modified presentations in the virtual meeting environment. During meetings presentations are often done using a data projector and PowerPoint sheets. These are the presentations that are mainly discussed in this paper. Timing and synchronizing of the multi-modal outputs displayed by the embodied virtual presenter is discussed.

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