Wrapping of an Environment of Learning of Math in the Elementary School

L. de M. Nunes, J.C. de C. e S. Ribeiro, L.M.M. Giraffa, and Ú.F. Ribeiro (Brazil)


Pedagogical Agents, Intelligent Tutoring Systems,Educational Software Engineering.


The present work was developed with the objective of identifying a set of premises necessary to the wrapping of an educational software, as well as the issue involving the reutilization of the existing source code, the requisites, the modeling characteristics and the pre-requisites related to the interdisciplinary team necessary to conduct such a project. In order to develop this research, we used tutorial type software which already exists. Since this software has already a domain and a set of behavior rules in the tutor modeled based on well-defined pedagogical objectives. Our aim was to measure the volume of work associated to a project of this nature.

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