Time-Delay Compensation and Disturbance Rejection for Pneumatic Systems

C.-L. Lin, C.-H. Chen, V.-T. Liu, and T.-S. Hwang (Taiwan)


Timedelay, disturbance rejection, neural network


This paper proposes a non-model-based design approach for pneumatic actuating systems, based on a novel time-delay compensation scheme. In practical electro-pneumatic or hydraulic servo mechanism, there is usually an unavoidable operating delay time in the solenoid valves. This may sometimes cause closed-loop instability if the time delay is not treated carefully in the control system designs. Furthermore, pneumatic actuators can offer high performance at low cost, but often suffer various disturbances depending on the operating conditions. In the proposed control system, at first, a fuzzy-PID controller is used to ensure tracking performance. Then, two types of compensators are combined; one is an adaptable wavelet neuro compensator used to compensate for the time delay resulting from the control valve, the other one is used to eliminate disturbances. Performance and characteristics of the proposed design are experimentally verified to show its effectiveness and robustness.

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