Adaptive Fuzzy Controller: Approximation Error Estimator Approach

P.A. Phan and T. Gale (Australia)


Intelligent control, adaptive fuzzy system, estimator,Lyapunov stability.


Stable adaptive fuzzy control can be defined as a self tuning concept for fuzzy controllers that guarantees stability of all variables in the system and convergence of the plant output to a given reference signal. In this paper, an adaptive fuzzy controller using approximation error estimator approach is proposed. The controller consists of 2 Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems, which are used to learn the non-linear dynamics of the plant. Moreover, the errors caused by approximating the real plant by fuzzy systems are also estimated on-line. It is shown that the proposed controller ensures the uniform ultimate boundedness of the close-loop systems. It is also shown that the inclusion of approximation error estimators improves the performance of the controller and reduces the on-line computation time. Finally, simulation examples are presented to demonstrate the approach.

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