Incorporating Graph Neurons (GNs) to the Trusted Transient Simple Network (TTSN) Security Control System Architecture

B.B. Nasution, A.I. Khan, and E.A. Kendall (Australia)


Intelligent System Data Security and Distributed Computing


An incorporation of a plan recogniser, within the proposed TTSN Security Control System, can increase the effectiveness of the countermeasure taken in response to a transactional attack on the Internet. It has been analysed that a viable solution is possible through implementing the GNs as a plan recogniser. Furthermore, GNs seem to be a promising alternative owing to its scalability and rapid-response aspects. The scalability and rapid-response of the GNs are realised through a set of cooperating peers in a peer-to-peer network. Hence, the recognising ability increases as more and more peers are connected within the GN architecture. This paper will describe the scalability and rapid-response features of the GN and outline a conceptual implementation for recognising malicious activities by using GNs as the plan recogniser for the TTSN.

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