An Architecture-based Software Reliability Model with Finite Number of Faults

H. Okamura, K. Tsuruta, and T. Dohi (Japan)


software reliability, architecture-based software reliability model, Jelinski and Moranda model, Littlewood model, continuous-time Markov chain.


In this paper, we propose a software reliability model tak ing account of both software architecture and reliability growth. The software architecture can be described by modules and interfaces, and is based on the state-dependent continuous-time Markov chain. The presented model is re garded as a combination of two kinds of software reliabil ity models: Jelinski and Moranda model and Littlewood model. We develop a general architecture-based software reliability modeling framework, taking account of the soft ware reliability growth phenomena. In a numerical exam ple, we perform the sensitivity analysis to investigate the dependence of model parameters on the software reliabil ity measures.

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