A Case Study Evaluation of 11 Hypothetical Software System Evolution Laws

G. Calås, S. Mankefors-Christiernin, and A. Boklund (Sweden)


Software evolution, prediction, design patterns, and architecture.


This paper outlines and evaluates eleven new hypothetical laws on software system evolution. The evolution laws originate from the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) and are migrated from a physical context to a software context. In order to verify the suggested laws a qualitative retrospective case study is performed, evaluating the validity of the evolution laws through observation of typical evolution characteristics and possible falsifying observations. Influence from the eleven software system evolution laws was recognized in the large-scale platform architecture, and product line, studied. This report concludes that the eleven hypothetical software system evolutions laws are valid and applicable for the studied software engineering domain i.e. development of telecom management systems and most likely for any other system of similar complexity. Only minor remarks were found for some of the laws.

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