The Acceptance of Object-oriented Software Engineering Methods and of the UML in German Enterprises – An Empirical Study

D. Frosch-Wilke and M. Baumann (Germany)


ObjectOrientation, Software Engineering, Unified Mod elling Language, Empirical Study, Methodology, Soft ware Process Model


Object-oriented (OO) software engineering methods and especially the Unified Modelling Language (UML) are often claimed as de-facto standards in software develop ment industry. Surprisingly few studies exist which ex plore both the spread of OO-methods in companies and critical factors on which performance and quality of OO technologies depend. Furthermore, the use of the UML in industry is not thoroughly investigated. The objective of an empirical study carried out at the end of 2003 was pri marily to close these gaps in one's knowledge in respect of German IT-industry.

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