Using Abstract State Machines to Support UML Model Instantiation Checking

W. Shen and W.L. Low (USA)


abstract state machines, model checking


UML is defined in terms of the four-level modeling archi tecture. The UML metamodel consists of informal descrip tion, class diagrams which are used to give the abstract syntax, and the well-formedness rules given in OCL. Fur thermore, class diagrams have played an important role in software development because they provide basic informa tion about a software system. In this paper, we propose a new method to support class diagrams based on Abstract State Machines. As an application of this method we will use a class diagram to represent OCL structure and there fore an OCL translator is generated. Based on the support of class diagrams and OCL, any user-defined UML model (M1-level), as an instantiation of the UML metamodel, can be compared against the UML metamodel. On the other hand, an object model (M0-level) can be checked based on the user-defined UML model (M1-level). Therefore, more errors can be reported to software developers during the early phase of software development.

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