Porthole: A Spatial Interface to Provide Scrolling, Zooming-In, and Zooming-Out

M. Ishihara and Y. lshihara (Japan)


porthole, spatial interface ,human computer interaction.


In this manuscript, a spatial interface for three operations: scrolling, zooming-in, and zooming-out is realized with re spect to perceptual discrepancies among a user, a screen, and its surroundings. A basic idea to realize thus spatial interface comes from a porthole. We have three experi ences on a porthole: front-position, near-position, and far position. Their visual effects are similar to those of the three operations. As a result, visual effects of three expe riences on a porthole could be replaced with those of the three operations so that users are expected to have a natural feel while scrolling, zooming-in, and zooming-out.

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