Testing the CARE Properties of Multimodal Applications by Means of a Synchronous Approach

L. Madani, L. Nigay, and I. Parissis (France)


Multimodal applications, automated testing, CARE, synchronous software.


Multimodal interactive applications support several interaction modalities (e.g., voice, gesture), which may be combined. As a result, designing and testing such applications is more complex than classical graphical applications. In this context, formal methods can make the development process more reliable. In this paper we focus on a testing approach dedicated to synchronous software. Although synchronous programming is mainly used in real-time applications, synchronous software are, from a certain point of view, similar to interactive applications: indeed they both have a behaviour consisting of cycles starting by reading an external input and ending by issuing an output. Under this hypothesis, we have been interested in the Lutess testing environment and in the possibility to use it to automatically test multimodal interactive applications. Using Lutess requires providing a specification of the user behaviour as well as a set of properties that the software under test must meet. As a first step, we consider the CARE properties. We provide patterns making possible to express them in the extended Lustre language upon which Lutess is built. Preliminary experimental results on testing a multimodal application are presented.

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