Framework-based IT Service Engineering

T. Specht, D. Spath, and A. Weisbecker (Germany)


Software Engineering, Service Engineering, Require ments Modelling, ITServices


IT based online services are mostly developed as single projects so far. Because of the lack of suitable integrated service and software development processes and missing platform strategies, the development of such services is often inefficient and partially missing the user's needs. Objective of this scientific paper is to define, work out and evaluate an integrated engineering methodology for online services and software, allowing to improve the efficiency for the development of such services signifi cantly by a tight interaction with the users and by reusing existing software components as far as possible. This in cludes the definition of an adequate engineering process supported by suitable tools as well as the definition and implementation of a component-based application frame work supporting the fast and efficient development of new services. For evaluation, a business TV service and a knowledge database service are built on this framework.

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