Gap Analyses between Certified SME's Process and an Agile Approach

P. Ivanov and S. Ilieva (Bulgaria)


Software engineering, software methodologies, agile methodologies, Extreme programming, Personal Software Process


This article presents the steps for applying an agile methodology in an ISO certified company. The agile methodology that is selected for implementation is a systematic combination of Extreme Programming (XP) and Personal Software Process (PSP) called eXPERT. The purposes of the article are to describe the processes and the steps taken within the company for adopting an agile methodology, the performed detailed gap analysis between the existing certified development process and the eXPERT approach and ranking the differences. This gap analysis presents the differences between the ISO certified company process and the practices required by an agile methodology and the required company actions in the process of adoption of a new software development approach. The article further gives summarized recommendations useful for other certified companies trying to adopt an agile development methodology.

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