eFox – Filesharing with Web Services

J. Bruhn, S. Luckner, M. Müller, D. Räder, C. Squarr, M. Wewers, and G. Wirtz (Germany)


Internet Computing, Applications, Peer-to-Peer, Web Ser vices, Filesharing


Peer-to-Peer and Web Services are two concepts for dis tributed computing which have gained much attention within the academic community. The former one offers a paradigm where resources are shared among participants of a network and the need for central components is min imized. The latter one was developed with the intention to provide interoperability within heterogeneous environ ments. This paper presents the results of a project bringing these two concepts together by means of a filesharing sys tem. In this context different Web Service standards are an alyzed with respect to their usability for Peer-to-Peer com puting.

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