Definition and Detection of Semantic Warnings for VoiceXML

P. Leelaprute, T. Kikuno, M. Nakamura, and K. Matsumoto (Japan)


VoiceXML, semantic warnings, detection, XPath, XSLT


VoiceXML is an XML-based language to describe interac tive voice response services, which brings the advantages of Web-based development and delivery. Althoughthe syn tax of VoiceXML is prescribed by the VoiceXML DTD and the schema, the compliance with them is not a sufficient condition for the correctness of a VoiceXML script. To detect the semantic flaws, we propose semantic warnings for VoiceXML. Focusing on the semantic as pects of voice interactive services, we define nine classes of warnings. Then, a warning detection framework with XPath and XSLT is presented. We also evaluate the advan tages and limitations of the proposed method by qualitative discussions.

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