Building a Multi-level Database for Efficient Information Retrieval: A Framework Definition

S.C. Denaxas and C. Tjortjis (UK)


Information retrieval, World Wide Web, Semantic Retrieval, Internet, Intranet.


With the explosive growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web, the amount of information available online is growing in an exponential manner. As the amount of information online constantly increases, it is becoming increasingly difficult and resource demanding to search and locate information in an efficient manner. Information overload has become a pressing research problem since current searching mechanisms, such as conventional search engines, suffer from both low precision and low-recall. It is clear that a more dynamic, scalable and accurate searching methodology needs to be developed to overcome these limitations. This paper proposes a methodology consisting of an amalgamation of several research areas such as Web mining and relational database systems. We develop a proof of concept prototype which consists of an agent used to extract information from individual Web pages and a dynamic multi-level relational schema to encapsulate this information for later processing. The prototype provides users with a higher level of scalability and flexibility and can be utilized for searching the Internet and Intranets across large-scale organizations.

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