A Flexible Attribute Instantiation Technique for Visual Languages

G. Mezei, T. Levendovszky, L. Lengyel, and H. Charaf (Hungary)


Software Modeling Tools, UML, MetamodelingEnvironments, Instantiation


Metamodeling techniques facilitate the efficient reuse of the elements of design tools and environments. This paper provides a flexible approach to store and instantiate the attributes in multilayer metamodeling environments. An XML-based representation and the related algorithms are presented as a technique for maintaining the attribute relationships between the model and the metamodel levels. The commonly applied two-layer instantiation mechanisms are generalized to n-layer environments. Nowadays the significance of the Unified Modeling Language is unquestionable. UML is widely adopted both in software and hardware system design. This is the main reason why the concepts of the attribute instantiation are illustrated by UML diagrams. The background and the implementation framework for the discussed constructs are the Visual Modeling and Transformation System .

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