Deployment of Component-based Applications on Top of a Context-aware Middleware

D. Ayed, N. Belhanafi, C. Taconet, and G. Bernard (France)


Middleware, context-awareness, dynamic deployment,component-based applications, adaptation, metamodelisation.


With the expansion of wireless communication and mobile hand-held devices, mobile applications are required to re act to frequent changes in the environment, such as new geographical location and high variability of network band width. This paper describes the installation of a deploy ment service on top of a context-aware middleware. This latter enables interaction with context by providing a meta model of the context information and a set of components able to collect and analyse the context information. The de ployment service has to describe its relevant context using the meta-model provided by this middleware. When rele vant changes occur, deployment service is notified in order to apply its adaptation process.

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