Ampros Scenario: Crisis Management in Mobile Environments

S. Ben Atallah and G. Bernard (France)


mobile computing, adaptation, crisis management scenario, proactive middleware


Remote information access, user communication and audio/video streaming applications are increasingly deployed in heterogeneous and mobile environments including different wireless technologies, hand-held devices, etc. These applications need to be adapted to take into account weak and fluctuant terminal capabilities and also changing user requirements. Several works dealt with adaptation of applications in heterogeneous environements. They mainly proposed seperate solutions for network-based adaptation, streaming, fault tolerance, etc. However, solutions always lack realistic scenarios which illustrate required flexibility for combining several kind of adaptation. Our objective is to illustrate flexibility provided by a middleware platform called Ampros. This paper details a realstic scenario for emergency aid and crisis management. It illustrates how Ampros platform takes into account disonnectivity, caching; reconciliation, content-based adaptation and context-aware deployment of applications.

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