A Generic Reconciliation Service for Divergence Management in Mobile Environments

L. Chateigner, S. Chabridon, and G. Bernard (France)


Mobility, componentbased applications, operation transforms, reconciliation, XML.


In the mobile context, service continuity may be offered thanks to the deployment of an application proxy on the user terminal. Potential network disconnections can then lead to divergence between the local replicas and the re mote components remained on the server side. This calls for reconciliation mechanisms in order to synchronize both entities at reconnection time. Our work is performed in the context of the AMPROS project whose main purpose is to provide a proactive middleware platform for applications such as emergency aid and crisis management. In this article, our contribution is threefold. Firstly, in the context of distributed algorithms, we propose an adap tation of the SOCT4 algorithm well-suited for mobile en vironment. Secondly, regarding modeling, we use an XML pattern to model a medical emergency example application. Thirdly, at the architecture level, we present a reconcilia tion service in which our synchronization solution is inte grated to make component-based applications converge.

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