Separation of Concerns in Mission Critical Software Systems – An Industrial Applicable Approach

S. Top, B.N. Jørgensen, and H.J. Nørgaard (Denmark)


Separation of concerns, Design Patterns, Generative programming.


In this paper we present a novel architectural approach for supporting separation of concerns for mission critical software systems written in C++. Contrary to many advanced separation of concerns techniques which base themselves on new experimental languages or extension of traditional object-oriented languages, our approach is directly industrial applicable because it is based on three well-known standard software technologies: design patterns, generative programming, and structural code transformation. To ease the use of our approach, we have developed a semi-automatic tool, which releases developers from the tedious job of manually transforming code to include the required design patterns. The feasibility of the approach has been successfully verified through an industrial project together with Danfoss Drives, one of the world's largest producers of frequency transformers for motor control. This paper presents our approach in the context of the Danfoss Drives project.

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