SOAP Communication with Tiny Sensors and Controllers

J. Janeček (Czech Republic)


embedded SOAP service, XML grammar, middleware ef fectiveness


Middleware technologies based on the W3C recommenda tions [1], [2], [3], [4], are widely utilised for accessing data and services at huge servers, even from small, but powerful, clients running on laptops, PDAs, and smartphones, which provide end-user interfaces. All the support, based on pro cedural communication and object-based technologies, is aimed specifically at this area and designed to simplify ap plication development. Our research is targeted to a slightly distinct area, typ ical for surveillance, data gathering, measurements, and re mote control. Same/similar clients (i.e. prepared by the standard middleware tools and supported by the same op erating environment) are required to communicate over the same interfaces, without mediation by proxies, to tiny sen sors and controllers. Resources (computing power, mem ory spaces) available to these devices still remain limited and implementation of the standard interfaces for these tiny devices becomes a challenge.

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