A Declarative Framework to Create Differentiated Service Levels for Component based Middleware

U. Bellur, P. Rajoria, and R. Baswan (India)


SLA, Web Services, XML


As middleware now forms the backbone of most enterprise systems, it is not surprising that users are now looking to provide differentiated qualities of service in their applications. However there is little or no support in either the server side component models or the middleware itself for differentiating service levels delivered to the consumers of these applications. But in recent times certain "hooks" have been provided by the standards that govern this space to allow users to put this feature into their applications. In this paper we present a design pattern that can be used to specify and control this differentiation using well known principles of priority queue based scheduling used by operating systems. We also discuss the instantiation of this pattern for J2EE1 servlets and our implementation of this design pattern on the Tomcat servlets container.

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