ARGUS: Supercomputing in 1/10 Cubic Meter

X. Feng, R. Ge, and K.W. Cameron (USA)


Super computing, high density computing, cluster system, performance evaluation, parallel and distributed system


We propose ARGUS, a high density, low power supercomputer built from an IXIA network analyzer chassis and load modules. The prototype is a diskless MPP scalable to 128 processors in a single 9U chassis. The entire system has a footprint of 1/4 meter2 (2.5 ft2), a volume of 0.09 meter3 (3.3 ft3) and maximum power consumption of less than 2200 watts. We compare and contrast the characteristics of ARGUS against various machines including our 32-node Beowulf and LANL's Green Destiny. Our results show that the computing density (GFLOP/ft3) of ARGUS is about 30 times higher than that of the Beowulf, about 3 times higher than that of Green Destiny while performance is comparable.

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