Telepresent Agents: A New Communication Paradigm for Networked Systems

R. Abbott (USA)


agent, distributed simulation, telepresence, telepresent agents, wormhole communication


Telepresent Agents are software Agents that are instantiated simultaneously within two or more distinct computer applications (called Locales) which are operating at distinct nodes of a computer network. Telepresent agents are composed of Capabilities--often a separate Capability for each Locale in which the Agent operates. As an Agent exchanges information among and within its Capabilities, information passes implicitly among the Locales as if through a wormhole communication channel. Telepresent agents do for data shared among Locales what objects do for information shared within an environment shared by a collection of closely related subprograms. By providing an entity-like construct within which shared calls and data can be encapsulated, a construct that cuts across Locale boundaries, telepresent agents eliminate the need for explicit mechanisms to allow Locales to communicate directly.

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