A Rate-based Scheduling Algorithm for Video Streaming in Bluetooth Piconet

M.H. Yip and C.W. Sung (PRC)


Bluetooth, scheduling algorithms, QoS, video streaming, real-time traffic


Bluetooth is a low-power and low-cost mobile networking system. It can support both real-time traffic and data traffic in the same network. However, there is no standard policy in the scheduling algorithm of bluetooth network to optimize the performance on different traffics at the same time. In view of this problem, we propose a new scheduling algorithm to satisfy the Quality of Service (QoS) of real-time traffic, and at the same time keep the delay of other data traffic low. It is essentially a prioritized round robin scheme. Higher priorities are given to real-time traffic streams whose current bit rates are lower than their target bit rates. Furthermore, master slave pairs whose queues are both non-empty also receive higher priorities. Our simulation results show that it yields excellent performance when compared with two existing algorithms.

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