Diversified Transmission for Wireless Communication

Y.-W. Leung (PRC)


: wirelesscommunication,slowfrequencyhopping, diversified transmission.


In slow-frequency-hopped multiple access communica tion systems using M-ary FSK modulation, multiple access interference may lead to erroneous reception of symbols. In this paper, we propose an encoded diversity transmission scheme for reducing the probability of symbol error due to multiple access interference. Using this scheme, a transmitter encodes each symbol into a sequence of L symbols (L is called diversity degree), chooses a sequence of L frequency bins, and transmits the L encoded symbols in the L chosen bins respectively. In this manner, the transmitter can encode more informationabouteachsymbol fordiversitytransmission. The receiver can use this information to increase the chance of decodingthe correct symbol in thepresence of multiple access interference. We demonstrate that the proposed scheme can significantly reduce the probability of symbol error caused by multiple access interference.

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