Power-Efficient and QoS-Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Various Traffic Loads in Bluetooth Scatternet

C.-M. Lin, C.-R. Dow, C.-M. Chiu, T.-W. Ko, and C.-Y. Yu (Taiwan)


Bluetooth, piconet, scatternet, switching, scheduling, and QoS.


Bluetooth, a low-cost, low-power and short-range radio Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) technology, uses piconet and scatternet to connect between mobile electronic devices. A bridge node in a scatternet connects together two different piconets. Hence, reducing switching times for bridge nodes is essential for saving power since power consumption is key issue for portable devices. Therefore, this study presents an efficient scheduling algorithm to reduce the number of switching events and satisfy various QoS requirements not only at the full load but also at lower loads. The proposed method considers two important factors, the poll interval of scatternets and the guard time of empty slots. Finally, numerical results demonstrate that the proposed scheme outperforms than the conventional methods in piconet switching and throughput levels in various traffic loads.

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