Bluetree++: A Novel Scatternet Formation Scheme

C.-M. Lin, C.-R. Dow, T.-W. Ko, C.-M. Chiu, and K.-L. Liao (Taiwan)


Bluetooth, wireless networks, scatternet, Bluetree, and QoS.


Although Bluetooth is a critical technology applied in a shorter distance for wireless networks, scatternet extends its distance and connects several piconets. Hence, knowing that the master and bridge node are the bottleneck of data traffic flow requires controling the scale of piconets to obtain better QoS and power consumption. This study presents a novel algorithm called Bluetree++(m, n) to enhence the performance of scatternet, using a mediun quantity of piconets to decrease large amount of bridge overhead, and a mediun size of piconets to reduce the traffic loading of master nodes. Additionally, the tree family of Bluetree++(m, n) is discussed to flexibly apply scatternet.

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