Unified Mobile Protocol Stack with Network Sub-Protocol Component Framework

T. Chen and M. Ye (PRC)


mobile communication, component, protocol stack, multi mode


2G, 2.5G and 3G mobile communication systems are running concurrently now, and the trend is, new air interface standards are rapidly developing and emerging. As to unify different air interfaces as much as possible thus eliminate the disadvantages caused by this diversity, we proposed a unified mobile protocol stack. We built a Standard Air Interface Functional Model (SAIFM) as a functional abstraction of different air interfaces, and then constructed our mobile protocol stack according to this functional model. During this progress we found that the Component Technology fitted the structure of our SAIFM very well, so we united the SAIFM with the so called Network Sub-Protocol Component Framework (NSPCF) technology. In order to optimize its performance we also consulted the technique used in Linux Loadable Kernel Module and finally implemented the Unified Mobile Protocol Stack (UMPS) which is highly compatible and extendable, and thus realized a multi-mode mobile cell phone.

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