Adaptive Traffic Load Adjustment Method for Mesh Broadband Fixed Wireless Access Systems

Y. Noishiki, A. Idoue, T. Kitahara, Y. Kishi, and S. Nomoto (Japan)


Wireless Networks, BFWA, Mesh Networks, Traffic Engineering


Broadband fixed wireless access (BFWA) systems with multi-hop mesh topology are a promising technology for high-speed access systems. In the mesh network topology where diverse routes are available for end-to-end communications, a multiple-path routing enables efficient utilization of network resources. However, because the capacity and the quality provided by wireless links vary dynamically, traffic load balancing must be performed taking account of the conditions of wireless links and traffic volumes. This paper proposes a new adaptive traffic load adjustment method in response to the change in the radio conditions in the mesh BFWA system. The proposed method can avoid traffic overload on some specific links and utilize the network resources efficiently. We have implemented the proposed method in PC-based routers and evaluated the performance of the proposed method in experimental mesh networks.

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