Automated Modelling of Complex Systems and Practical Applications

E. Kazanavicius, A.Vrubliauskas, Z. Navickas, and A. Zvironiene (Lithuania)


The aggregate, the distribution module, the operation module, Ethernet network


A piece-linear aggregate is used while designing simulation models of systems found in various domains (telecommunication networks, transport, business etc.). In this paper we present a concept of aggregate, consisting of l levels and k channels in each level and based on the "cellular" principle. The data generators were implemented to generate the inter-arrival times and servicing times of packets. The aggregate can generate various data flows with different parameters according to exponential, deterministic, uniform distributions or a combination of them. Weibull and Pareto distributions are proposed as alternatives for exponential distribution. In order to show the application of the proposed model, a case study of the Ethernet network presents the aggregate capable of simulating and estimating the characteristics of the Ethernet network.

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